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Elevate your hair care routine with Le BunjuCurl hair growth oils and discover the secret to a crown that shines with confidence. Embrace your natural beauty, nurture your locks, and let your crown reign supreme with Le BunjuCurl.

Rosemary & Fenugreek Infused Hair Growth Stimulator (50ml)

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Say goodbye to itchy scalp and hello to vibrant, thriving with our Rosemary and Fenugreek hair growth oil (50ml). Formulated to stimulate hair follicles, promote growth, and provide deep hydration. This blend is a game-changer for your hair care routine. Infused with the Goodness of fenugreek seed and Rosemary, along with Prenus Amygdaus Dulcis and essential vitamins like Thiamus and Riboflavin, it nourishes your hair from root to tip, ensuring a healthy scalp and luscious hair strands.